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    Adolfo Ramos

    Historical Military Flags

  • Gettysburg
  • Austerlitz

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Our service of sale and shipment of flags we provide normally. We are not affected by the measures taken to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus. You can continue to place your orders. Greetings

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 Historical flags Miniatures


This is a website dedicated to historic flags to scale, for plastic toy soldiers and miniature for collectors or RPGs.

Click on the "MORE" to access all the available options.   

You can place the order of the flags you wish, choose references, scales and presentation you are most interested.

Choose them from the following ranges: 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 mm.

Presentations can be:

PAPER:  That is the usual presentation of the flag printed pouch, inserted into its acetate.

MOUNTED: Is the same flag that cut, glued and mounted on a tower of brass in your bag acetate (available for 20,25,30 and 40mm)

COMPLETE: Is the same flag that already finished and ready to be placed with the figures or to collet. Assumes the two previus stages more strings and paint touchups neded, in acetate bag. The strings used are brand Front Rank  (only available for 25 and 30 mm). 



Spain ......1,95 Euros

Europe.(C.E.)....2,95 euros

Europe(out C.E.)..3,30 Euros

EE.UU......3,45 Euros